Strategically-focused nonprofits have greater impact in the community they serve. It all starts with having a plan! Our strategic planning processes focus on learning and outcomes for sustained results.

We’ll help you…

  • Use reflection and data to uncover strengths and chart a course for success.
  • Incorporate community and stakeholder input so your plan is deeply rooted in identified needs that are clearly articulated and understood.
  • Bring your Board and Staff together around a clear strategic focus and develop ways to communicate your plan to your community.

In short, our strategic planning processes are inclusive, dynamic, and result in actionable plans that are visually pleasing and have clear measures of success.


We can help you create a fundraising plan that results in increased financial sustainability.

We’ll work with you to…

  • Understand fundraising basics and take the fear out of asking for money.
  • Learn about current and future donors to expand your donor base.
  • Develop messaging rooted in your strategic plan that compels increased giving.
  • Set annual appeal goals and campaign timelines.

Raise more funds that you can put to work achieving your mission!


Strong Board leadership and governance is key to long-term success and impact.

We want to help develop your Board to maximize their effectiveness and deepen their commitment to your organization. We’ll help your Board…

  • Understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Implement continuous improvement and evaluation elements.
  • Ensure their by-laws, policies, and procedures reflect the organization’s strategic direction.
  • Position themselves for excellence in governance.

We’ll elevate your Board’s performance by strengthening their connection to your mission. Whatever challenge you face, we can work to co-create training and facilitated meetings that will increase your Board’s performance.


Cultivate a culture of learning at your nonprofit by working with us to design targeted learning opportunities for your staff.

Whether it’s a specific topic or a series of related trainings, we can help your staff grow and integrate new skills into their work. Connect your staff to your mission and renew their focus on achieving goals by focusing on their personal development and commitment to the team.

We’ll help you assess training needs and design sessions that fit your culture and budget.


Leaders know of the importance of personal development, but workshops and trainings only go so far. Take your career to the next level with an individualized coaching plan. Coaching allows you to focus your time and energy on developing skills that are relevant to set you apart.

You want to grow and evolve as a leader and we want to help. We help you get curious about what’s possible and hold you accountable for specific action steps and learning outcomes.

We can help you…

  • Work more effectively with your Board and Staff.
  • Tackle a challenging situation or project.
  • Prepare for your next career move.
  • Hone your skills in a particular area.
  • Improve your facilitation and evaluation skills.

Through coaching, you’ll connect with your strengths and learn about your beliefs and habits. Your personal, measurable goals will drive the coaching process and make success possible. We’ll engage in dialogue, reflection, and learning to build skills you’ll find valuable moving forward in your career or role.

Contact us to learn more about working together to advance your organization.

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